The Story – Cover

Brew it like you want it!

Basically the idea of starting Barkas Coffee came because we were missing a good quality coffee product with nice looking packaging, at an everyday affordable price.

Normally people build brands to charge a premium price, that’s how most industries work, the coffee industry is no exception. We thought it would be nice to try and do the opposite for once. We wanted to create a quality everyday product, that everybody could afford to do drink on regular basis. Knowing more about design and consuming coffee, than actually producing it, we started Barkas Coffee as an experiment.

The experiment turned into a business and a proper coffee education for us. We are now selling our beans in cafe’s and restaurants throughout Copenhagen, in a few chosen retail stores around Denmark and in our own shop in Copenhagen. The idea is to keep developing the product range and to be able to offer Barkas Coffee in the most convenient and simple ways possible.

We are not religious about coffee, if people want it dripped, “espressed”, filtered or with milk, is really up them. We just want to keep the quality good, the price fair and the product beautiful. After all it’s water and beans, what’s really interesting is the stuff that happens around it.